Independent Filmmaking and Film Festival Masterclass with Director Raza Mallal TalkingLens Productions Tuesday, 15 September 2015 from 19:00 to 21:00 Leeds,

Ever wanted to know more about independent filmmaking or film festivals? Then come along and find out from award winning director, Raza Mallal!

The topics that will be covered include:

  • About the speaker
  • Starting out in filmmaking
  • The short films and film extracts shown before and after the talk
  • Submitting to film festivals
  • How to get film estimates for your business plan

This course is an excellent training ground for those new to the industry and will also serves as a great networking event for film industry talent in Yorkshire.

Please register your interest for the event at the link below:

Dumb Decisions


The managing director of Chesterfield Pharmaceuticals is running the company into the ground. The board of directors has had enough and so turn to drastic measures to turn the company around…

Cannes 2015

Legendary German Indie Producer Nico Sentner joins Talkinglens Productions´s spy thriller “AMERICAN UNDERCOVER” Starring: John Cusack and Famke Janssen. Launching in Cannes 2015.

See you there!

Our Day

abbey small

‘Our Day’ is a romantic short film written and directed by Raza Mallal about the enduring long term friendships of two couples that blossomed into romance from an early age. The story juxtaposes two relationships and deals with the complexities of long distance love and the struggles that life can bring.

Bridges Of Islam

Company: Indogulf Visions

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: Bridges Of Islam delves into the causes, effects and aftermath of major geo-political events; and describes their relevance in context of the wider conflict and volatility between the two sects of Islam, the Sunni and the Shi’ites.

More info on this project can be found here:



Company: Cooper Productions

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: Political Drama Film

Strictly Salsa

Producer: Taraq M. Qureshi

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: Drama/Dance Film


Producer: Gika Productions Srl

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: TBA

Love In The Time Of Divide

Producer: Cooper Productions

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: Drama Film

American Royalty

Writer: John Taccarino

Co-Producer: Raza Mallal (Talking Lens)

Description: A screenplay written by John Taccarino

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