The Bitter Half

 This could happen to anyone, and that’s scary… 


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           Genre: Thriller/Action

           Writer: Raza Mallal

            Status: Script in Progress



Logline: Adam feels restless at home and he looks out from behind the curtains. He senses that he is being watched. Outside, the stalker watches Adam’s house. Later, the stalker follows him to the shopping mall, monitors his movements and conversations. That night as Adam is leaving a pub after a few drinks, he is relentlessly and mindlessly pursued by the stalker. A terrifying chase through the street ends with near disaster.

What did Adam do to deserve this? Was he having an affair? Was it someone he gave the wrong signal to? That girl he smiled at as he stopped his car at the bus stop unsure whether to give her a lift? Maybe that guy he jumped in the queue at the post office? Was it just some crazy nutcase for whom Adam was now a marked man. This could happen to anybody and that’s scary.

The Dresden Codex

   A twisting and turning thriller involving a case of mysterious murders 




         Genre: Thriller/Action


         Writer: Ivon Skula and Bazyli Brozoska


          Budget: US$ 20 million




The Dresden Codex takes the viewer into a deep conspiracy theory concerning the Mayan Scripture, the pyramids, the calendar and ancient symbols. After German detective Thomas Becker is suspended from his department, he begins to investigate the cult mysterious murder case alone and becomes obsessed, due to the case possibly being linked to the disappearance of his wife, Majke. The murders are seen to be similar to the early Mayan rituals of sacrificing humans to cleanse them in the eyes of their Gods. Thomas gains a lead in the case as the cult attempts to kidnap a young boy who is the son of victims of previous ritual sacrifices. Working with Mayan expert, Jane, Thomas grows closer to uncovering the biggest secret mankind has faced which has been guarded for centuries to unravel at exactly the opportune moment.

The Dresden Codex is named so due to the most commonly known written relic of the Mayan civilization, one of the Mayan codices, is currently residing in Dresden, Germany where it has been since 1739.

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Apocalyptic Warrior


 Their fight was hopeless, impossible, absurd,
                                           but a perfect fit! 

warrior-cover-photoshop-web       Genre: Action/ Thriller

      Writer: Raza Mallal

      Budget: US$3 million

       Status: In Development

Native American cave drawings and ancient hieroglyphics from an Egyptian Tomb foretold of worldwide social unrest amongst the populations which leads the United Nations to invite Aliens to run planet Earth. Unfortunately along with the Aliens comes a viral epidemic which contaminates everything and causes worldwide infertility. The Aliens turn nasty and force the humans into slavery. A band of rebel warriors rise up against the invaders and fight the Aliens to  rescue a pregnant female who holds the secret to saving mankind and ridding the planet of its unwelcome invaders.

Sins of My Shadow

 The Auction and Survival of A Sex Slave 

Genre: Drama

Writer: Raza Mallal

Budget: US$5 million- 50% committed

Status: Script – Seeking co-production partners and match funding.

Logline: Adapted from the bestselling Amazon booklet “Sold For Coconuts”  this script is based on the harrowing yet amazing true story of Maya, an untouchable girl in India who is sold as a toddler, by her mother for a crate of coconuts and to pay off a family debt.


Holiday in the Hood

 They couldn’t get away but somehow they found each other! 

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Writer: Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Budget: $US 3 Million.

Status: Script –Multi-Award Winning Script

Logline: A trailer trash family who inherit a house in a posh neighborhood, are put to the test when they are forced to spend their “holiday abroad” in their basement

Seeking co-production partners and financing

Charlie Rolls

 Famous name, forgotten hero!   

Genre: Biopic

Writer: J Richards

Budget: US$ 15m – 25% committed

Status: Script and Packaging

Logline: The lost legend of the father of the RAF; multi-millionaire Charlie Rolls puts everything on the line; money, love and his life to defend Britain and become a pioneer of the skies and road.

Blood Curse

 They came seeking pleasure, so did the beast! 

Genre: Horror

Writer:    Martin Mölsted and Don Macnab-Stark

Budget: US$ 0.5 m – 25% committed

Status: Script and packaging          

Logline: Stranded on an island paradise a group of teen campers must work together to survive the night. But, who can be trusted when the savage killer is amongst their own?

Punch Me Tender

 He brought his own battle to someone else’s war! 

Genre: War, Romance and Drama

Writer: Raza Mallal

Budget: US$15m –  50% committed

Status: Script   

Logline: To escape his growing feelings for best (white) friend Jonas, an unstable Eddie flees to the army, only for his past to come hurtling after him. During a mission to rescue a hostage in Afghanistan, Eddie loses his grip on reality, the consequences are deadly. Friends become enemies and no one is safe.

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