Dumb Decisions


The managing director of Chesterfield Pharmaceuticals is running the company into the ground. The board of directors has had enough and so turn to drastic measures to turn the company around…

Our Day

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‘Our Day’ is a romantic short film written and directed by Raza Mallal about the enduring long term friendships of two couples that blossomed into romance from an early age. The story juxtaposes two relationships and deals with the complexities of long distance love and the struggles that life can bring.

Holding On To Nothing

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‘Holding on to Nothing’ is a Noir short film written & directed by Raza Mallal set in the 1950’s. It tells the story of Rita an ex-dancer, who drowns her sorrows with a drink in her old club where she used to perform. Her lover, JD disappeared on the night he was supposed to propose to her. Rita had been ready to give herself away to him but now he was gone and had left her with nothing. Remembering her life with him she felt distraught and angry.

Raza Mallal gives his vision on the project:

“I wanted to make a Noir short as the genre fascinates me. It is one that can fit into a feature film such as Casablanca, or be condensed into a five minute short. I believe that the mood and atmosphere are the strength of  a Noir as well as the accompanying dialogue which is made powerful by the constant subtext that the characters have with each other. Nothing is ever straight forward as this project will show clearly”.

“I want to show the celebratory side of a Noir with the lavish lifestyle but also the loneliness and brutal reality displayed with Rita’s alcohol addiction. I admire the role of the detective who for many acts almost like a therapist solving people’s problems through cases. But like his cases he also isn’t plain black and white”. 

2nd Night

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2nd Night is a short Drama written & directed by Serena Ayub which is now in production.

Serena Ayub also gives her vision on the project “I want to give the audience an insight that perhaps most women from the subcontinent are not in a marriage because they were forced to be in it, perhaps for them it is liberation too”.

“I am tackling a subject about Lesbian relationships in the Asian subcontinent, the role of the woman, and how this can be misconstrued. It is a subject that has been embarked upon, only occasionally”.

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