Holding on to Nothing

‘Holding on to Nothing’ is a Noir short film set in the 1950’s. It tells the story of Rita an ex-dancer, who drowns her sorrows with a drink in her old club where she used to perform. Her lover, JD disappeared on the night he was supposed to propose to her. Rita had been ready to give herself away to him but now he was gone and had left her with nothing. Remembering her life with him she felt distraught and angry.

Rita decides to enlist the help of Detective Dick Chambers to help her find JD. She visits his office and flirtatiously leans against his office door frame and chair to seduce him into helping her. The Detective agrees to help, mainly due to her looks but also out of pity and the determination to find a missing man. He asks Rita some simple questions only to discover she doesn’t really know the man she was about to marry.

Snapshot Wedding

 Have you ever had to be someone else to get what you want? 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Writer and Director: Raza Mallal

Cast: Chris Geere, (Prince and Me 3& 4), Bipasha Basu (Singularity, Race), Karen David (Couples Retreat, Scorpion King II), Noreen deWulf (Anger Managment, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Back Up Plan), Saffron Burrows (Troy, Bank Job), Ross Kemp (BAFTA winner).

Attached: Producer: Kevan Van Thompson (Babylon AD, Green Street), DOP : Michael Coulter (Oscar nominated, Love Actually, Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral,), Composers: A. R Rahman and George Kallis (Oscar and Grammy Award Winners)

Sales/Distribution: Name Company

Logline: Wedding photographer Jack is due to be married to his childhood sweetheart in a few weeks.  One day Nina, an Indian who has recently arrived from India, walks into Jack’s  studio to have photographs taken for an arranged  marriage.  Jack and Nina  fall for each other and now Jack has to somehow get them out of their impending marriages and instead to each other. As their cultures collide, will Jack successfully fend off Nina’s Indian  suitors and win over her family and the community before it’s too late? A fresh, hilarious and riotous rom-com that will having you laughing all the way down the aisle – whichever one you choose!



 Her words betrayed her, her enemies silenced her 


Genre: Mystery Thriller Status:

Filming: August/September 2013

Writer and Director: Raza Mallal

Cast:  Committed- Mischa Barton, Sean Astin, John Hannah,Eve Mauro, Jack O’Halloran, Jennifer Blanc, Karen David,  Michael Biehn, Noureen De Wulf, Stelio Savante, Gia Skova, Ilja Rosendahl, Jon Mack, Karen David, Kim Sonderholm, Thure Rifenstein, Charlotte Milchard,  Chris Gere, Jenna Harrison, Matthew James Gulbranson, Christopher Maleki, Mark Gilvary, Jamie Wilson, Egor Pazenko, Niko Sentner, Jon-Paul Gates 

Producer: Kevan Van Thompson (Coriolanous,Babylon AD -) http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0888092/ ),

Exec Producer: Ilja Rosendahl,  Scenebridge Entertainment USA

Line Producer:  Mary Richards (“Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, “Wimbledon” and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”)   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0724239/

DOP: Doug Milsome; (Oscar nominated, Full Metal Jacket, Robin Hoodhttp://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0005801/)

Composer:  Mischa Segal (US) Grammy award winner, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002226/)

Sound Post: Dean Humphreys (“The Pianist” “Taken 2” -, http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0401981/

Music Supervision: Cutting Edge UK

Post Production:  Prime Focus UK

A renegade Moscow detective,  defies government pressure and investigates the assassination of a maverick war reporter. However, he becomes embroiled in a web of counter espionage  involving chemical warfare, an untraceable gun, an overdue library book, a disappeared  daughter and the assassination of the Russian president.


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“Deadline” is a dark suspense thriller, based on the Amazon kindle best selling book “Added Time” written by Raza Mallal, about an average guy who accidentally ends up in an unusual situation.

Genre: Thriller

Writer and Director: Raza Mallal

A roller-coaster suspense filled dark thriller about an average guy, Danny, who accidentally ends up in an unusual situation. Danny tries to be on time but a hectic lifestyle means he is always overwhelmed by circumstances and try as he might, he can never be on time.

On this particular day, he is rushing home for an appointment at the IVF clinic with his wife Emma. However, his beloved football team Leeds United are playing a crucial cup qualifier. In a rush to get to the station to catch the express train, his kind and helping nature takes over and he can’t help helping several people on the way. This results in him missing his regular train.

Fortunately, Danny manages to catch the next train, but this train stops abruptly leaving Danny stranded at a secluded and mysterious station with some very unusual company.


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