Script Consultancy

Script Reading At Talkinglens we have a range of script specialists who’s interests, experience and knowledge covers all genres of film and television. The expert who we feel will be best suited to your script genre, will provide you with a full report and breakdown of the script with constructive and analytical feedback as well as proof reading. They will take you through all aspects of the narrative structure, suggestions to make the dialogue as realistic as possible and ways in which the development of characters can be improved.


Script Development Services We will work with you as a script developer, this will involve editing and advising on various drafts until both parties believe the script is completely ready to be submitted to agencies, broadcasters and production companies.


Our Network As an established production company within the film and television industries, we have acquired a strong network of producers, commissioning editors, financiers, acting and crewing talent plus directors. We will be sure to know the perfect individual who could progress your script to production.


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