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As a Film and Television Production company who are dedicated to producing new, challenging and unique productions, we here at Talkinglens work tirelessly to promote new talent.

We are very much a script centred Production company and work to hone and perfect a script before pushing it through into the development stage.

Here are a certain amount of services we can offer for your script –

  • Offer an Extensive Feedback Script Report – covering the concept, plot, characters, pacing and commercial appeal.
  • Rewriting, Editing, or Doctoring – the current script in house to make the screenplay a commercially high standard shooting script.
  • Preparation of the Budget – This includes a draw – down schedule the most vital piece of information for any development project. This schedule brings together the tasks and the costs of the project. We will guide you through the preparation of cash flow, re- coupment and the construction of shooting schedules.
  • Effective Business Planning – for up and coming new companies.
  • Complete Packaging Service of the Feature – This will include creating and attaching proper industry members including Cast, Crew and Vendors. Such as Lead Actors, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Composer, Production Services, Music Supervision, Post Production/VFX and PR.
  • Arrange Product Placement deals for feature films with big industry players.
  • Representation of the Film –  at public promotional media events such as festivals, premieres and interviews. All of these are subject to our availability.
  • Secure Worldwide Sales Agent/ Distributor – for representation for the feature.

If our Script to Screen Service is suited to you as a screenwriter, or for your production company please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

Email us for more information at:

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