A Selection of Varied Poems by Raza Mallal


One day I’ll buy you a silver yacht

With sails of blue forget-me-not.

And I will find you a sea to sail.

Unmarred by storm, unmarred by gale.


I will sing you a soft-spun love song

To sing when the nights are dark and long.

So all who listen might understand

The charm the sea has over land.


And, I will give you, overhead

The brightest star that heaven has shed

So you might always guided be.

And find your way back home to me.



A Little Shell ....

A little shell

Of humanity


Warm -


Soft -

For a moment

Then, the tiny, frail thing


Why did it enter this world

For everyone to see

Only to disappear again

In to Infinity?



Always I will stay with you

Until the butterfly is winter comes

And nests in the snowy drifts

I will stay with you

Until the robin comes in summer time

And whispers gently to the rose

I will stay with you

Until the snowdrops bloom in April

The crocuses in May

Until the tide does not leave the shore

And the sun and moon meet in unison

I will stay with you

Forever I will stay with you


War in the Trenches

Walking, walking through the dark trenches.

Looking at the enemy on the other side.

Suddenly a flash; rats are running

A bullet zips through the dark air.

A cry goes up- Someone dying.

All has gone for that one man.

The tragedies of war






I’ll meet you again

And we will walk together ....


And when that day comes

The sky will turn a deep blue

The sea will lap our skins

And the tide of our love will never go out

And leave us high and dry .....

And, alone together, we will walk hand in hand

Along moonlit sands

And our love will be forever

Someday, Sometime, Someway.



Each day I wake up -

Another day to live : how wonderful

To be me

I shall not conform to other peoples

expectations of me, that requires of me

Less than I am, that satisfies their

Society’s needs - regardless of my

Feelings, needs

I shall not be suffocated or crushed

I would rather be alone

Alone, me,


I know that I am just fine, fine

I don’t need anybody’s definition of fine

I have my own. I like it.

If you don’t,

And can’t accept me for what I am :

A loving, Creative, intelligent woman


and no less !

Then stay away.

I don’t want or need you.

I know that for you, a fine woman is

“respectable, honourable”.

I am respectable and honourable, and much more.

But according to you books.

Respect and honour means something different.

So you live with your book; I will live with my book.

Don’t touch me, don’t even try. Stay away, stay away.

I don’t want you; I don’t need you; stay away, stay away,

Do you know that “respect” and “honour” according to your books

Are tools that crush us women?

Do you know that these tools were needed, for your feudal society

to function in the way it did.

Our society needed us women to be child bearers, and

home minders. No more - no less.

Our society needed us women not to be fully human.

It treated us less than human beings.

It’s demands upon us were less than human.

And as if Acceptance of us as less than human beings

Was not enough among our loved ones and within our world -

“God” had had to be brought in too.

Our “next world” organised for us too.

So we had to become robots with no aspirations, no feelings.

Be“ respectable daughters”, “Sisters”.

“Respectable wives”, “Respectable mothers”.

Our pathfinders : our fathers, our brothers

our husbands, our sons.

Our people, our community, our God.

But not us.

The switch buttons for the robots, were, are, deep.

They go back centuries.

And if we allow them, they affect us deeply.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychically.

You press your own buttons; I have my own.

Don’t touch me, don’t even try.

Stay away, stay away.

I don’t want you, I don’t need you.

Stay away, stay away.

I am reading my own book.

I am pressing my own buttons.

I am discovering how special I am.

How beautiful I am deep down.

I am going to grow, develop.

Become even more beautiful.

I am special. I am me.

I don’t need your book.

                                    The End for now