New Projects

*Licked- 30 minute comedy drama
*Disarm -Music Video
*Hole of Place & Time

* 30 short drama sketches shot on HD.
* "Quick, Slip Me Bride" 35 mm . Written by Raza Mallal,
Feature under development moving pretty quick. Visit the film website here
*  16mm film  "Crossed Lines"  complete. Neg cut. Just Sound Design and credits. Releasing Feb 2006.
* New documentary proposal on spiritual healing

*Short  film  "Guns Thums Movie Massala" doing the rounds at festivals. 
* "Voiceless" 8 th draft now moving slowly but surely 
  * "Sweet Talkin,"   first drafts  written  
* "Hear in My Heart" pop video well received as well as the making of documentary.