Past Productions

"Dogs Best Friend" Dir/cam l987 Documentary.

"Night Out" Dir/cam 1987 Drama 3 mins.

"Body & Soul" Dir/cam 1987 Pop video.

"Bradford Festival" Dir/cam 1988 Doc.

"Well Earned Rest" Cam/edt 1988 Doc.

"Leeds City Council and Disabilities" Dir/cam 1988 Doc.

"Services To The Elderly" Cam /co-dir 1988 Doc. .

"Aspirations" Cam 1989 Play

"Easy Money" Writer prd/dir 1989 Drama  Festivals

"Aids Awareness For Women"Co-cam 1989 Doc.

"Just Hanging On" Dir/cam 1989 Doc.

"Spen Valley Swords"Dir/cam 1989 Doc.

"Wishbone" Lgt/cam 1989 Feature Comedy Drama.

"Breaktime" Dir/edt 1990 Drama 3 mins.

"South Indian Dance"Wrt/dir 1990 Doc. 

"Soul Man dir 1990 Drama

"Checkmate" Wrt/cam prd/dir 1990 Drama.

"Chakkar" Prd/dir 1990 Drama.

"Glove" Spr.dir 1990 Drama

"Leeds Carnival" Dir/cam 1990 Doc.

"Health Care" Wrt/dir  editor 1991 Doc.

"The Haunting" Dir. 1991 Drama .

"Lean On Me" Dir/Cam 1991 Doc.

"Dreams Of England" Dir 1991 Drama

"Gift From The Sea" Wrt/Dir 1992 Drama/Doc

"Options" Dir/edt 1992 Doc.

"Double Lessons" Spr.dir 1992 Drama.

"A Ring Of Truth" Spr.dir 1992 Drama.

"Yorkshire Show" Camera 1992 Doc.

"Carribean Carnival Dir/Cam 1992 Doc.

"I Need Love" Dir 1992 M-Video .

"ConcernInto Action"Wrt/Dir 1993 Drama/Doc 2x 60 mins.

"Lost Principles" Dir 1993 Drama .

The Dream Chase" Wrt 1993 Animation.

"New You" Dir 1994 Drama  

"Why Us" Dir/edt 1994 Drama/Doc 

"Bikini Line" Dir 1994 Drama 

"Chained" Dir 1995 Drama

"Brothers In Trouble 2AD 1995 Feature Drama 

"Not Exactly Linford"Co-Dir 1996 Drama .

"Government Health W"Prd 1998 Drama 

"Wilfred" 1AD 1999  

"Islam and Laws In Britain"Prd/dir, 60 mins 2000

"Ramadan  Tv Dir/ed 5 x 30mins 2000

"Peace by Peace" Dir Drama 2001

"Baston In The Crud" 90 min Drama/Doc 2001

"Women in Health" dir/edit  2002

"Does God Play Football" 35mmfilm 1st AD 2002

"Hear In My Heart" pop video Writer/ Dir/Edit 2002 plus "making of" documentary

"Foreigner in my Home" - Afghanistan to Kashmir  dir/edit Documentary 2002

"Carers" 90 mins Camera 2003

"Burn" Demon Summer- Dir music video 2004"

"Guns, Thumbs and Movie Masala" Dir  Drama 2002

"Crossed Lines" Dir 2005 Drama

Mr Greenfingers TV

Faster Faster Kill Dir/Prod.  Music Video

JJ On A Mission Writ/Dir/Prod