2nd night

“I want to give the audience an insight that perhaps most Women from the subcontinent are not in a marriage because they were 

forced to be in it, perhaps fro them it is liberation too”
“I am tackling a subject about Lesbian relationships in the Asian subcontinent, the role  

of the woman, and how this can be misconstrued. It is a subject that has been
embarked upon, only occasionally.”




For centuries, women from all cultures have been told that you’re meant to grow old with the person you’re married; it’s meant to last. You’re meant to live with that person through “sickness and in health”. More so with women who come from the Asian Sub-continent. “You be a good wife!” are the last words your mother tells you. Does that also mean that if you were sick of him, you’d still have to stay with him? Now of course divorce is a common thing, and a way out but, even with that provision of independence that both women and men have, that niggling feeling never leaves you; “ I was meant to spend the rest of my life with him/ her”. You kind of get the feeling that once you’re divorced you’ve gone off-course. But who instils those feelings? Who tells us that those are the “norms”? Maybe it is our mothers, or perhaps its society in general, or is it the films that we watch, that have that Hollywood “hope”, that the handsome young man will always lure and keep that woman he has fallen for.

What of all those women from the Asian subcontinent, who don’t want to be with a man, what if their fantasies are wanting to be cradled by soft gentle hands, what if what excites them are the heaving of another bosom, the sharp humour and intellect of another female

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    Raza Mallall

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