Espresso Yourself


Two modern day singles, looking for love, are having their regular espresso at their local coffee shop. Having found each other on a dating app, they each nervously wait for the other to make the first move. But maybe there’s more to one of them than meets the eye and will the fear of rejection end a relationship before it’s even begun?


The Language of the heart doesn’t need interpretation

  • Genre:


  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status:


  • Megan Paul
  • Elliot Benn
  • Writer/Director/Producer/DoP – Raza Mallal
  • Editors – Matthew Robinson & Bethan Pugh
  • Camera Assistants – Ben Illingsworth & Shofique Ullah
  • Producer’s Assistant – Imran Naushad
  • Props – Janet Clegg
  • Sound Recordist – Matthew Hall