• Producers: Kevin De Walt  & Raza Mallal
  • Co-Producer: Shabeena Ayub
  • Executive Producer: Veloce Films
  • Associate Producer: Nigel Wooll
  • Writer/Director: Raza Mallal
  • Director of Photography: Doug Milsome
  • Production Designer: John Ellis
  • Line Producer: Kevan Van Thompson
  • Post Production: Prime Focus London
  • Editor: Martin Brindley
  • Sound Post: Dean Humphreys
  • Composer: Mischa Segal


Anna is a reporter investigating the atrocities and injustices of an unjust war. She is an independent woman who despite the risks carries out her job with determination and commitment. She lives each day as if there were not enough minutes in the day for what she needs to do. A woman who has lived, but now unsure for how much longer.


Inspired by true events.
Materialising on both sides in this Baltic conflict Ukranian war reporter Anna uncovers underhand deals and plots of espionage and counterespionage. Her enemies think they are using her until she becomes a threat for both sides and somebody has her assassinated.
A Moscow detective, Ivanov, risks his life more than once, to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding Anna’s death. As Ivanov retraces Anna’s steps, from Moscow, London, Ukraine, Qatar and Chechnya, he learns about Anna’s determination to reveal the truth about the war in her articles and yet she had secrets of her own. The trail leads him into a dangerous web of conspiracy and espionage involving: chemical warfare, an overdue library book, a secret affair, an undetectable gun, a missing daughter, co-ordinated terrorists attacks and the assassination of the President.

  • Genre:


  • Writer/ Director

    Raza Mallal

  • Status:

    Script Complete

    Production Ready