artificial rage


Colin takes his long time girlfriend Leanne away for a weekend to surprise her by proposing to her. This high tech house is controlled by Mandy, a fast developing artificial intelligence programme. Mandy takes a shine to Colin, who is a sympathetic tech geek. Mandy’s jealousy causes suspicion and drives a wedge between the couple which starts not only to pose a threat to their relationship, but ultimately to their very existence.


We are currently in the process of casting for the male and female lead in Mandy.

If you are interested in a role, please apply via StarNow, Mandy and Backstage.

Details of characters below:

Colin – a self assured but kind man, he love’s his girlfriend Leanne more than she loves him and is ready to propose to her. He is more laid back than necessary at times and mostly lets Leanne takes the lead in most things especially their relationship. He’s very interested in tech and likes the fact that the house is run by artificial intelligence. Quite oblivious and unaware of the dangers that could entail.

Leanne – a strong, outspoken character. She loves Colin for the wrong reasons one being marriage, but she is quite clever and can show a sensitive side, though she has a lot of control in their relationship. She is unafraid to speak her mind, stand up and fight for what she believes in. Arguing with man or machine and handling confrontation is second nature for Leanne.

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  • Genre:

    Sci Fi/Thriller

  • Writer:

    Raza Mallal

  • Status: