Sins of my Shadow

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Facing early childhood discrimination as a Dalit, not being allowed to drink from the village well. Being sold by her mother to pay her father’s debt; Then at the age of 11 being auctioned at a deflowering ceremony to the highest bidder; being married of to a temple God and used as a sex slave well into her early twenties, becoming a local politician and surviving an assassination attempt.
The incidents described are based on true events and facts from Maya’s life and continued struggle. Some people and place names have been changed to protect the innocent.


The Auction and Survival of a Sex Slave.


Maya is a girl who grows up in ramshackle hut. Located on the outskirts of the supposedly gifted village Kodikulam, nestling under the foothills of yanamali (Elephant Hill) in India. Maya realises that her family are the poorest of the poor when, a few years old, crying for more food, her tearfull mother shakes her head.

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  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

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    Script in Progress