The Bitter Half is an action/thriller short film centred around main character “Alex”, whose life is turned upside down when strange and scary things start happening to him. He can no longer put it down to coincidence and is forced to come to terms with the fact that someone has got it in for him.  The story is based upon the theme of highly trained fighters, the skills they possess and also the intrigue, mystery and terror of stalking. The Bitter Half, written by Raza Mallal (award winning writer/director and CEO of Talking Lens Productions Ltd) is currently in development.


Alex feels restless at home and he looks out from behind the curtains. He senses that he is being watched. Outside, someone watches Alex’s house. Later, he goes to the shopping mall, someone is there monitoring his movements and conversations. That night as Alex is leaving a pub after a few drinks, he is relentlessly and mindlessly pursued. A terrifying chase through the street ends with near disaster.

What did Alex do to deserve this? Was he having an affair? Was it someone he gave the wrong signal to? That girl he smiled at as he stopped his car at the bus stop unsure whether to give her a lift? Maybe that guy he jumped in the queue at the post office? Was it just some crazy nutcase for whom Alex was now a marked man. This could happen to anybody and that’s scary.


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The Chairman tells the story of Tim, a chair carrier to the Princess as he is accused of an audacious crime and must face the consequences. In the present day, his apparent descendant also named Tim is a chauffeur to the Mob Boss’ daughter. He finds himself in trouble and must also face the repercussion of his actions. The Chairman takes place in two time periods and shows the parallels between both the Middle Ages and present day through juxtaposition.

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  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status:

    Script in Progress