Dance teacher Isobel tries her best to live a normal life despite her disability and the discrimination that preys upon her. After been bullied by a tag of teenage delinquents a white knight selflessly comes to her aid. Has Isobel finally caught a break?

This 40 minute video contains a comprehensive introduction about Islam with its history, the tenets and 5 pillars, the life of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Quranic surahs and sections of the hadeeth and interviews with the people who converted to Islam for its harmonious message. Besides giving an English voice-over commentary and subtitles, we have also explained everything in the deaf and dumb ‘Sign’ language for the welfare of the deaf/dumb handicapped people of the world.

A hard-drinking, burnt-out theatre actor watches his penultimate performance over and over on video, never knowing who to blame for his demise. That is until he encounters a hole in the fabric of space and time, where he finds that, in a chicken-and-egg scenario, he is perhaps at fault for his own fall from grace.

Crime and deception in a multicultural society

An Asian girl who is being forced in to an arranged marriage she does not want, must choose between her love and her family ties, leading to tragedy followed by redemption for all?

Set in an apartment block, Alison can no longer take the grief she’s had to endure in her newly formed relationship and decides to put an end to the unbearable suffering once and for all.

A romantic short film about the enduring long term friendships of two couples that blossomed into romance from an early age. The story juxtaposes two relationships and deals with the complexities of long distance love and the struggles that life can bring.

Not My Cup of Tea is a contemporary TV drama which follows Chris and Josie, two people who meet at a coffee shop and seem like the perfect match however their differences is what stops them from getting together. Josie, a single parent thinks because of her daughter Chris is no longer interested but this is far from the truth.