This is an independent film and we are inviting anyone to take part, no matter what your experience! If you are interested in being involved (behind or in front of the camera, catering, acting, location scouting, driving) please email : with your details.
You must be available for at least 5-7 days for shooting on different locations. Only reply if you can seriously commit for this period of time on a professional basis.
Due to the low budget nature of the film some payments may be made on a deferred basis or back end production points. It is essential that you are based within easy commuting distance of the production office.




Some Journey’s are never ending.


Danny really tries not be late but his hectic lifestyle means he is always overwhelmed by circumstances and try as he might, he can never be on time. He has just been promoted to senior analyst, a job with greater responsibility. Danny’s passion for football is often the reason for his lateness as he allows it to seriously interrupt his routine.

On this particular day, his wife Emma wants him to come home on time from work as she is attending the clinic for her final IVF treatment. They both desperately want a child and know that this really is their last chance. He tries to leave work on time but his beloved football team are playing a crucial cup qualifier.

Although he is In a rush to get to the station to catch the express train, his kind and caring nature takes over and he can’t help assisting several people on the way. This delay results in him missing his regular train and instead catching one that takes him on a frightening and very unexpected journey.

  • Genre:


  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status:

    Script in Progress