Deadly Departed

“Stare of Terror” is a thriller which begins with the mysterious disappearance of an Iceland Air flight soon after take off from Manchester Airport with 130 people on board. The authorities are baffled as there’s no sign of plane or passengers. However, immediately thereafter inexplicable incidents and occurrences take place around the Lake District area where the plane went missing. Strange events occur as the passengers from the flight start reappearing with bizarre behaviour and motives. The lead character in our story Chris has a race against the clock to track down his fiancé Keeley, also a passenger on the flight, before she undertakes a heinous act of revenge on her ex-boyfriend or is taken out by the authorities trying to cover up the whole incident.

What happened to the plane on that day? What’s wrong with the passengers and what do they want? Can Chris find his Keely in time?

TBC – Casting to be announced

They left as passengers. What on Earth did they come back as?

En-route to Hawaii, a plane along with 93 passengers mysteriously vanishes. Not long afterwards, strange events begin to occur as the passengers from the flight start reappearing on Earth with bizarre and vengeful behaviour towards people who had wronged them in the past. A maverick  female detective   pursues these hellbent passengers as they begin to take out their victims. But how do you apprehend those that have already disappeared?

  • Genre:


  • Writer/Director:

    Raza Mallal

  • Status:

    In development