Holding Onto Nothing

A Damsel in distress hires a private investigator to track down the man who disappeared on the night he was going to propose to her.

But does she need to find herself before she finds him?

Main Cast

  • leanne O’Rourke – Rita
  • David Zezulka – Detective Dick Chambers
  • Cornelius Gearney – JD/Stranger in Bar
  •  Ian Keith Nahon – Barman
  •  Raza Mallal – Alfred the Hitman
  • Mike Duggan – Assassin
  • Sophie Milnes – Linette Hildebrand
  • Cris Haris – Thomas Nickles
  • Keeley Carr – Sandra Malette
  • Mathew Richards – Man in Coat

Club Goers

  • Deborah Bartlett
  • Russ Cavis
  • Charlotte Everest
  • Ellen Inglis
  • Anna Parr
  • Lindsay Bennett
  • Olivia Cole
  • Mike Hutchinson
  • Grazia Nelson
  • Holly Pownall
  • Raza Mallal – Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Logo design, Colorist
  • Eliza Heslop – Casting
  • Morgan Mitchell – Production Manager/Director’s PA
  • Lucy Gerrard – Production Office Manager
  • Chad Bronson – Assistant Unit Manager
  • Luke Shoesmith – Cinematographer
  • Ruairi Nevin – Camera Assistant, Editor
  • Daniel Ratcliffe – Lightning Assistant
  • Jonny Masters – Sound Recordist
  • Stefan Gandhi – Boom Operator
  • Charlotte Murphy – Art Direction
  • Chiara Renee Podbielski
  • Sophie Battersby – Make up Artist
  • Rachel Hartley  – Make up Artist
  • Helen Masters – Make up Artist
  • Serena Ayub – Catering
  • Ceri Judd – Catering Assistant
  • Ravelle Morris – Production Assistant
  • Emma Stone – Production Assistant
  • Katrina Pearson – Assistant Editor
  • Holly Pownall – Assistant Editor
  • Mathew Richards – Assistant Editor
  • Clare Clayton – VFX, Editor
  • Matt Clayton – Sound Editor, Assistant Editor
  • Adam Mituinski – Sound Design
  • Kane Scott – Additional Sound Design
  • Daniel Potts – Composer

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Some Mysteries are best left unsolved.


‘Holding on to Nothing’ is a Noir short film set in the 1950’s. It tells the story of Rita an ex-dancer, who drowns her sorrows with a drink in her old club where she used to perform. Her lover, JD disappeared on the night he was supposed to propose to her. Rita had been ready to give herself away to him but now he was gone and had left her with nothing. Remembering her life with him she felt distraught and angry.
Rita decides to enlist the help of Detective Dick Chambers to help her find JD. She visits his office and flirtatiously leans against his office door frame and chair to seduce him into helping her. The Detective agrees to help, mainly due to her looks but also out of pity and the determination to find a missing man. He asks Rita some simple questions only to discover she doesn’t really know the man she was about to marry.

  • Genre:


  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status: