not my cup of tea

This is a contemporary story which follows Chris and Josie, two people who have matched on a dating app but both are scared to message one another until they notice each other’s reoccurring visit to their local coffee shop. They appear to have a lot in common even down to their choice of drink and cake. On this occasion sensing there is more than just mutual interest, Chris and Josie start thinking about how to break the ice and make the first introduction. But can either of them muster up the courage to make that first move, Josie finds a creative way to gain Chris’ attention as he is about to leave the coffee shop, things seem to go well between the pair that is until a revelation of Josie’s personal life which makes Chris disinterested in her and ignores her numerous texts. Josie is left thinking what went wrong, is it because she is a single parent or is there something more?

Main Cast

  • Megan Paul – Joise
  • Elliot Benn – Chris

Additional Cast

  • Jaimie Rivers – Joise’s mum
  • Nikki Ford – Barista
  • Micheal Thompson -Barista

Club Goers

  • Alessio Tornese – Tony
  • David Heslop – James
  • Djo Fisher – Jake
  • Gary Shaw – Bar Patron
  • Jessica Foy – Sophie
  • Matty Barton – Alan
  • Raza Mallal – Brother Omar
  • Ryan Carr – Jason
  • Ruth Jamieson – Georgia
  • Sam Rose – Greg
  • Shofique Ullah – Brother Rafique

Cafe Customers

  • Adris Ashgar
  • Alison Milthorpe
  • Anna-Marie Golesworthy
  • Dale Vaughan
  • Donna Staniland
  • Faye Mitchell
  • Janet Robertson
  • Jayde Ferne
  • Jayne Dresser
  • Josh Smith
  • Julia Goodison
  • Nigel Staniland
  • Maddison Staniland
  • Regan Wood
  • Ryan Staniland

Club Crowd

  • Bethen Pugh
  • Dion Russell
  • Elizabeth Web
  • Emily Lloyd
  • Joe Allen
  • Lauren Woods

Bridge Crowd 

  • Indrija Kustovaite – Girl on bridge
  • Morven Robinson – Dianne
  • Anthony Riach – Dylan
  • Raza Mallal – Director
  • Imran Naushad – Assistant Producer
  • Shofique Ullah – Assistant Camera
  • Suman Hanif – Assistant Camera
  • Ben Illingsworth – 1st Assistant Camera
  • Mathew Hall – Boom Operator
  • Kendra Callaghan – Production Assistant
  • Andrew Dacre – Hair and Make-up Artist
  • Janet Clegg – Set Dresser
  • Fin Wright – BTS/Runner
  • Charlotte Ward – Runner
  • Paul Spencer – Sound Recordist

Are we misguided in meeting the perfect partner?


Not My Cup of Tea is a contemporary TV drama which follows Chris and Josie, two people who meet at a coffee shop and seem like the perfect match however their differences is what stops them from getting together. Josie, a single parent thinks because of her daughter Chris is no longer interested but this is far from the truth.

  • Genre:

    Contemporary Drama

  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status: