Below are a list of short stories which are featured in “The Visit”

  • Rosie’s Treasure – Helen a vlogger is decorating the old house when she finds an invitation to a treasure hunt from a young girl from 1915. Helen follows the trail of clues, a heirloom of a forgotten life, unsure whether they will lead her to a jackpot or a fateful end.
  • Intrusion – A horror enthusiast is given more than one scare when she moves into her new house.
  • The End – A Mob boss is lying low with his mistress in a safe house, but his past stalks him while his future lies in wait.
  • Games Aplenty – A young schoolgirl finally meets her online boyfriend who has recently moved into the neighbourhood. However, she discovers that he is quite different from how he had portrayed himself online.
  • What was that? -Prior to the day of her audition, in the middle of the night, a young actress and her boyfriend are awoken by a strange collection of noises coming from downstairs. Though terrified they investigate the disturbance and on the way discover even more frightening secrets about each other.
  • Le Couplet – Attending her first cello lesson at the house, a female student, Arianne, encounters more than an awkward symphony.
  • Afters – Two teenage opportunists sneak in to burgle a house to find they were being already expected for dinner.

The stories of a house with an intense History of violence, deceit and supernatural interference. Follow the people who were at the epicentre of its mischief and suspense to discover the true motive of the actions taken place within its halls.


The Visit is a feature length anthology horror, which takes place in an isolated house set in the scenic Yorkshire Dales.

Starring a plethora of local talent. Each story centres around unsuspecting characters who have rented the house short term. Each story follows their, scheming plots, hidden agendas, and unexpected behaviour, uncovering their ill intentions with curios outcomes leading to their tragic demise.

What is hidden within the walls of this house? Is it the house or is it the occupants?

  • Genre:

    Psychological / Supernatural / Horror/ Thriller

  • Producer / Director

    Raza Mallal

  • Status:

    Production/ Editing/ Music/ FX