The Bias Exchange

Open-day viewings at a beautiful expensive house in an exclusive all white neighbourhood. Edwin is the only person of colour viewing and is faced with the usual discrimination and prejudice as he moves from room to room and encounters blatant and subtle racist remarks and bias. We intercut this visit with flashbacks to Edwin’s visit to a prison to see his son. Why is he even considering moving into an all-white area? And why is is relationship with his son so strained? How can Edwin afford this house? Will he be able to overcome the hurdles of discrimination and buy the house against all the odds?

TBC – not casting yet

Your home shouldn’t be somebody else’s castle

Take a house viewing, an upper-class white area, and a humble wealthy black man, and what do you get? Prejudice, conflict and tension. But then, what happens when Karma is involved in the mix?

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  • Writer/Director

    Raza Mallal

  • Status

    In development