Awful Silence


Jenny, a young single mother and her son Harry are fleeing domestic abuse from her violent ex. She desperately needs to rent a house away from anywhere. Morton the estate agent however,  has ulterior motives and insists she take the mysterious house  but has more than a passing interest in her son. Her friend Elizabeth warns Jenny that her ex is out for blood and she’s in danger of losing more than just a roof over her head.


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Age: 30s

Description: A young single mother, fleeing domestic abuse. Jenny desperately needs the house to protect herself and her son from her violent ex.


Age: 40+

Description: The mysterious seller of the house. Something is definitely off about him and he strangely seems more interested in Freddy than selling the house.


Age: 30s

Description: Jenny’s friend who wants to help and pleads with Jenny to take the house.


Age: 12 – 15

Description: Jenny’s son, somewhat sulky and visibly disinterested in the house.


Age: 12 – 15

Description: Teenage boy. More innocent than Freddy.


Age: 16

Description: Innocent looking.

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They escaped domestic violence only to be caught by a greater evil…

  • Genre:


  • Writer:

    Raza Mallall

  • Status:

    Pre Production

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